Monday, February 22, 2010

Glam Look- 1950s Classic Look

This is one of my go to looks for special occasions. I love 1950's style makeup. The winged eye paired with red Lips is something that never goes out of style. 
Yes, you too can wear red lipstick! Everyone can, you just need to find the right shade for you. 
I custom made this shade using my Makeup Forever Flash Color Case. I mixed several shades together with the bright red in order to create a color that would compliment my skin tone.

For those of you trying this look at home, you can just purchase a few different inexpensive red lipsticks and mix them together until you find a shade that makes your skin stand out. It's all about trial and error. 

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I like to start by exfoliating my lips. How? Apply a thick lip balm and scrub your lips with a moistened washcloth.
Then I like to apply a red lip stain, in this case i used Lorac Sheer Wash in the shade Sheer Luck. This assures you that even if your lipstick fades, your lips will remain red.
I then follow up by fully lining my lips with a red lip liner. (Note: This is the only instance were you actually want to wear a dark lip liner, any other time, just stick with a flesh tone lip liner.)
Go on an fill in your lips with you customized color, then blot and reapply.
Apply a sheer lip gloss to just the center of your mouth to make you lips appear larger.
When wearing bright red lipstick, try to avoid wearing any bright shades on your eyes. You do not want your makeup to clash or look clownish.
Have fun!

All the makeup was done with airbrush and some Pigments.The fake lashes are the Ardell Hotties, they really enhance the look. As always, no retouching, just makeup. ;)




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  1. this looks AWESOME!! CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO DO SOME MAKE UP ON ME :) ily bye keep up the good work