Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Favorite Makeup Artists

A list of the makeup artists that have inspired me to do what I do. They are great at what they do and each have different techniques that work to create amazing results. 

The first Makeup Artist that I read and studied and LOVED was the one and Only Kevyn Aucoin.My first  Makeup book was his Making Faces, a must have for any makeup fanatic. I got the book when I was around 13 and I still try to read it and look through it every year. His book is not only a book that teaches about makeup, but it also has touching stories and life lessons within it's pages. Sadly, he passed away years ago, but his legacy continues with his books and his luxury makeup line.

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Kevin James Bennet
He is the Emmy award winning chief Makeup Artist for Make Up For Ever. I have been fortunate to meet him and to have taken classes and seminars by him. He is such a fun, charismatic and talented person! He has worked on TV and Film for many years, but remains very humble.
His website:

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Kevin and I

Ever Pearl

Eve Pearl is also an Emmy award winning makeup artist for TV and film. You may have seen her on The Today Show or on The View. She has her own line of CosmoNutrients which is makeup fused with nutrients. Her Salmon concealer and her HD foundations are a staple in both my personal and professional makeup kit. I have been trained on the Eve Pearl method. Eve is a sweet and caring person who loves to share her knowledge with other makeup artists. I have also taken classes and seminars taught by her.
Her Website:
Eve and I

Dominic Cruz

Dominic is the Education Director and Trainer for Kryolan Professional Makeup. He is amazing at theater makeup and even worked as Lead Makeup Artist for the Miss Universe Pageant. I have been fortunate to attend some of his seminars, and have fallen in love with his awesome techniques using the Aqua Colors.

Dominic, Eleni, and a 9 month pregnant me

Koren Zander

You  probably recognize him from his Youtube channel  EnKoreMakeup where he does awesome makeup tutorials. Before I even became a professional makeup artist, I would watch his videos and I have to say I learned a lot. I got to meet him at The Artist Summit in Miami and he was a sweetheart. When I told him I learned how to make Mixing Medium from his Youtube video, he blushed and was very flattered ;)

Koren and I

Other Favorites:
Danny Sanz
Jemma Kid
Joe Blasco
Francois Nars
James Vincent
Danielle Fonseca
Dominic Cruz

Who are your favorite makeup artists?

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