Friday, June 24, 2011

Product Review: Benefit's New Mascara "They're REAL!"...honest

Hello beautiful makeup junkies! Here's a product review for the new Benefit mascara. This product is not available in stores yet, but it is available for Sephora's VIP members. All you need is 100 beauty points to get a sample of Benefit's "They're REAL!" mascara. I was super excited when I got the email about the new mascara because I'm a big fan of their BadGal line. Below you'll find before and after pictures.

 What it looks like:
The mascara tube cleans the excess so you're left with a ready to use wand!

Before Benefit's "They're REAL!" Mascara

Look at the DRAMATIC difference using Benefit's They're REAL! mascara. I only used 1 coat and I did not use an eye lash curler.
After Benefit's "They're REAL!" Mascara

I love the mascara and I will certainly buy the large bottle when it's available in stores. The tube cleans most of the excess mascara from the wand so there is no clumping. I also love that there's no fall out and it gives my lashes a wet look. The best part of all is my lashes are still flaunting their stuff after hours from application! This product will be available in July for $22.00. I hope you found this review helpful.

**By Eleni** 

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  1. MakeupFreak37June 24, 2011

    WOW! I can't wait till it comes out in stores. Thanks for the review and pictures.

  2. fashionGALJune 24, 2011

    Ahhh! I wasted my beauty points last week. Can't wait till July.

  3. Your lashes look HUGE! Do you like it better compared to BadGAL?

  4. Saw this posted on Benefit's Facebook wall so had to check it out. I'm SO excited to try it. Benefit is my favorite cosmetic line! Well, you know have a new blog subscribe! I'd love for you to check mine out. I do some beauty product reviews but I also post on personal things. I became disabled 10 years ago (at 19) so I do posts that follow my health "adventures". I plan on doing more beauty posts & eventually books, music & TV posts as well. If you'd like to check my page out (& become a follower) the address is: . Take care! Looking forward to keeping up w/ your blog!

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