Thursday, March 18, 2010

Featured Makeover- Purple and Blue

This is one of my favorite eyeshadow combinations- Purples and Light Blues.These two colors are especially flattering  for brunettes.  For instructions scroll all the way down. Thanks go out  to Jackie for allowing me to feature her on my blog. :)

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 What you will need:
A light blue eyeshadow. You can also use a teal and even a turquoise color. (Your choice)
A medium purple eyeshadow color.
A dark purple plummy eyeshadow color.
A slightly shimmery vanilla color. (You can also use white.)
A violet eyeliner. (You can also use an eyeshadow as a liner, just make sure you moisten the brush with some water first.)
1. Apply a light blue eyeshadow all over the lid, but make sure you stop right before the crease.
2. Apply a medium purple eyeshadow color on the crease, but stop once you reach the brow bone. 

 ***Tip-You should never bring up the color all the way to your eyebrows, this space is best reserved for a highlighter to brighten your eyes.***

3. Apply the dark plummy color concentrating on the outer corner and slowly bring it in to meet the blue color. Try to create a V shape. This might take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it will be super easy to do.
4. Apply the highlighting shade (the vanilla) on the brow bone and on the inner corners of the eye.
5. Now this step is important- Make sure you blend everything using a fluffy brush. How? Use a windshield wiper motion all over your eyelids. This assures that there are no harsh lines and that everything looks soft and flawless.
6. Apply the violet eyeliner on your top and bottom lash lines. Make sure you don't make the line too thick.
                    Apply your mascara and you are ready for a fun night out!

As for the lipstick- Keep it as close to your natural lip color as possible so that it compliments your bright eyeshadow.

I hope you can recreate this look at home. I would love to see it, so send me the pictures and I will feature you on the blog.

Have fun,

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