Monday, March 29, 2010

Silver, Plum, and Gray look

I created this look using mostly NYX products. I love the NYX brand, it is inexpensive and the quality is comparable to the more expensive brands. I highly recommend it. All of the products used from NYX were less than $6 each. You can't beat that price and such good quality!
Scroll to the end to read my instructions so that you can try this look at home



1. Apply a silver eye shadow ( I used MAC silver ring) to the inner corners of the eyes going all the way to the middle of the lid.
2. Using a flat synthetic brush apply a plum grayish eye shadow to the other half of the lid blending it in to the silver. (I used the NYX chrome pigment in the color Beanie.)
3. Using a crease brush apply a gray matte eye shadow along the crease of the eye. (I used NYX Slate.)
4. Apply a dark deep plum eye shadow to the outer corner of the crease creating a V shape. (I used NYX Beauty Queen.)
5. Line your upper lash line with an eggplant colored pencil (In this case i used Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in the shade Rockstar.)
6. Line your waterline with a black eyeliner.
7. Using a glitter liquid eyeliner look up and line the bottom of your lower lash line making sure to extend it upwards at the outer corner to create a winged eye. (I used the NYX Glitter liner in the shade Disco Queen.)
Apply mascara and you are ready to go!

For the lips I used the NYX lipstick strawberry milk with Benefit Kiss Me lip gloss on top.

I hope you have fun trying on your own version of this look.

:) Jaday


  1. Love the glitter touch!

  2. Yeah, those glitter liners are awesome. I love to use it under my lower lashline.