Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review- Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol III

It's no secret that Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup brands for personal use. I especially love when they come out with their Book of Shadows  because I find that they are such a bargain. I started purchasing them back when the first one came out and I fell in love.

Here are some pictures of the new one:

Clearly they went with a NYC theme.

Check out the adorable NYC pop up with little lights.

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And here are the eyeshadows.

The kit comes with 16 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners (Zero- black and Random-purple) and with the original Primer Potion all for the price of $54 which saves you lots of money since typically each individual UD eyeshadow is $17, so you do the math.

Now for my Review:
I have to say this is certainly a must have! You can create so many looks with this. From Natural, to Smokey, to Colorful. 

The eyeshadows themselves are super pigmented and creamy and a little definitely goes a long way. Instead of listing my favorite colors I'm going to just say that my least Favorite is Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. That color is so glittery and has so much fallout that I honestly hate it, but they manage to include it in all their Palettes. Oh well! Other than that, the rest of the colors are winners in my book.

The eyeliners from Urban Decay are my favorite to use on the lid since they have a lot of staying power. Random is one of my favorite Eye Liner colors and I use it all the time, so I was glad to see that they included one in this Palette. 

So here is where you can get your own:

Remember this is a limited edition product, so I would hurry up and get it before it runs out.

Stay tuned for some easy makeup looks I have created using this Palette to show you how versatile it is. 

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