Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Look- Pink and Violet Surprise!

This is the 2nd look for the spring series. This one is also bright and colorful, but I used a different style and color combo. I used frosty pink, violet, and deep purple, but the surprise is that I added a pop of ocean blue. I really like how all the colors look together. To finish off the look, I added a bright Pink lip stick and gloss. I have to say this is one of my favorite looks I have done in a while. I got lots of compliments on my makeup that day. Try it yourself and maybe you will get compliments too! Enjoy :)


Click on Read More to find out the products I used AND  for a mini review....

Products Used:

Temptu: AirPod Foundation, Airpod Bronzer (The new one,) Airpod Blush in Washed Rose, Airpod Highlighte in Pink Pearl

Eyes: Inglot  Eyeshadows, Eve Pearl Liquid Liner, Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

Lips: NYX "Doll" Lipstick
 MUFE Lab Shine Lip Gloss Diamond Collection D2

Mini Review:
I recently purchased the new Temptu Airpod Bronzer and I am in Love with it! You can use it to contour, to add a sheer highlight, to give yourself a tan. It also looks beautiful on the décolletage and collarbone. I really like it because it gives a very natural glow to the face and since I don't ever go tanning (don't want the early wrinkles or skin cancer,)  it allows me to look like I got a tan. Please, as an esthetician, I beg you, WEAR SUNSCREEN always!!! Anyway, back to the review, I absolutely recommend it to any of you that already have the TEMPTU machine.



  1. This is my favorite spring look!

  2. Natalie GomezMarch 08, 2011

    Wow, I <3 it. U r always doing cool colors. How do u come up with the combinations? It's always so unique.

  3. I Want 2 know 2. She always does these colors that u would never think of putting together, but it just works.

  4. Btw. I just became a follower :). I used to be a subscriber but I joined blogger so I could follow.

  5. Love your use of color. How do you keep coming up with looks?! You girls are hard to keep up with.

  6. Sizzling hot chocolate
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  7. I wish I lived in Miami, I'm sure the weather is nice there. Loving all the looks.

  8. @ fashionbee, Sandra, and Miranda,
    Thanks for becoming followers. :)

  9. Girls, honestly I don't plan my colorful looks, I just start applying colors and come up with it on the spot.

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  11. This is perfect for spring. I love how you always list the products you use. Girl you have a stash!