Friday, September 9, 2011

Elegant Voluminous Bun Tutorial (5 minutes)

I wanted to share with you all this elegant bun I created for work. As a few of you may know, I'm completing my Special Education internship this semester. I'm teaching seven autistic boys in second and third grade. So you can only imagine how busy I am! Today I was observed on a science lesson; so of course, I wanted to look extra nice. Did I mention I LOVE MY BOYS!? Anyways...I find this look appropriate for work, parties, and/or events! This classic bun is a great way to add class and sophistication to your style.


Elegant Voluminous Bun Tutorial (5 minutes without teasing) 
-Brush your hair to smooth out any nots
-Tie your hair with an elastic hair tie (pony tail should be in the middle of your head)
-Divide your hair into 2 sections
-If you have thin hair or small amounts, tease each section and use your favorite volumizing spray
-Now grab each section and roll in your hair once (as if your fingers were rollers)
-Make sure your ends are tucked in
-Pin and secure your ends
-You have now created two crescent shapes
-Carefully using your fingers, open up the hair and position the pins until the hair makes a complete circle
-Add your favorite finishing hair products and you're done.

**By Eleni**

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