Thursday, February 2, 2012

Avant Garde Photo-shoot: Femininity VS Masculinity

The past two years I have been assisting Jaday in photo-shoots working with creative photographers and stylists. I enjoy preparing for the shoots and seeing their mood boards turn into reality right before my eyes. So last winter break I decided to do another photo-shoot. This shoot is completely different compared to my previous one: Frilly, Dreamy, Vintage, and Sweet

This is my favorite picture from the shoot.

Yes this is a DRAMATIC look. I enjoy applying makeup as a form of expression rather than just the beauty aspect of it. It's liberating to grab a brush and know you have no restrictions, limitations, or boundaries....

Here's my mood board. These were my ideas for the shoot; what inspired me.
Mood Board: femininity versus masculinity
As you can see, this photo-shoot is all about GIRL POWER! I wanted the pictures to show a balance of masculinity and femininity. In this day and age, women are juggling motherhood and their careers and they're doing a phenomenal job. This photo-shoot is dedicated to all my independent ladies, great wives and awesome moms out there. Continue looking fabulous while you save the world!!! 

All pictures were taken with my new Nikon D5100 camera using a 18-55mm lens.

 Eye Close-Ups
How cool would it be to cry real pearls? No more tears just pearls ;)

 Black and White Shots


I want to give a special thanks to my model Val. She was a good sport letting me glue sequins to her eye-lids. 

I enjoyed styling this shoot and had fun using my new camera. Hope you guys liked it!


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