Friday, December 23, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish

For all the ladies with two left hands, Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips is a great buy! Switch your nail color in a flash without the dry time! They have created 40 fashion-forward styles.

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"How to" you ask? -lets leave it to the experts that created this fun video : 

 Here's what you'll need: 

 Step by Step:

 _Make sure you remove any nail polish you might have on. A clean surface is a must for the sticker to adhere.

_Push back your cuticle using the cuticle stick provided in the box.

_Find the sticker that best fits your nail size.

_Remove the clear film.

_Rip the perforated edge.

_Peel the back of the sticker and place it on your nail.

_File down the remaining sticker and pull down hard enough so the excess tears off.
I chose the "Love Print " nail design. To go with the theme, I glued a
red heart rhinestone on my ring finger.
Cost: $8.00-$9.00
Where to buy: local drugstore
Application: 4/5
Longevity  : 8/10
Packaging : 5/5
Pigmentation : 8/10
Product : 8/10
Texture : 8/10

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