Friday, December 23, 2011

Confessions of a "Makeupholic" and a new look!

I'm one of those people that not only loves playing with makeup, but that also has this fascination with collecting makeup. Needless to say, when the new Urban Decay book of shadows was announced, I convinced myself not to get it. "I have so much makeup," " i barely even have time to put on makeup with a toddler running around," and "I already have a lot of those colors," where some of the things I told myself.
Then, I went to my local Sephora and the Book of Shadows was the first thing I saw when I came in. Tempting me and drawing me in with the cute purple speaker-my favorite color!- and super cute butterflies, how dare they! So I did what any sensible adult woman would do, I bought it, even though I didn't need it, I bought it!

I have finally arrived to the realization that when it comes to cosmetics, I just can't help myself! I guess as far as addictions go, this one isn't so bad? I'll put it up there with my addiction to shoes and coffee.

Without further ado, here is a makeup look that I did using the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume 4. Read on for a list of products used.

I call this "cocktail party makeup."

Eye Tutorial:

For the eyes I used only the UD Book of Shadows. After priming the lid, I applied Zephir (a shimmery golden white color) to the inside corner of the eyes. I then used more earthy tones in the palette ( basically the bottom row) to create the eye look as you can see in the picture.

I lined the upper lid with the enclosed liquid liner ( which I love by the way.)

Now, for the best part, I dipped my liner brush in mixing medium and applied Midnight Cowgirl (a shimmery gold) to my lower lash line. Creating the double wing effect. I really like how this look came out, the winged eye is basically my go to look and this twist made it look fresh and modern.

I hope you try this look at home! Have fun with your makeup :)

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