Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sexy Beachy Waves

Hi ladies! Many of you liked and asked me to do a tutorial on the beachy wavy hair look I posted on Instagram.Those who aren't following, our account is @adorned_faces. Those who are following... THANKS! WE ARE ALMOST AT 300 FOLLOWERS! Woo-Hoo! Click "read more" to see the tutorial.

Here are the tools I used to create this look:

  1.  heat protecting spray
  2. your favorite hair spray
  3. 3/4" curling Iron (clip-less curling iron preferred) 

First spray you hair with your favorite heat guard. Let it dry before using the curling iron. If you don't have a clip-less curling iron, that's fine. Just wrap your hair over a regular 3/4" barrel. My hair is thick so it does not crease over the clip. However, if you have fine hair and you notice a crease due to the clip on the barrel, then it's best to invest in a clip-less iron.

Using your index finger and thumb you are going to wrap your hair around the barrel. The trick is keeping the barrel horizontal. That will create waves rather than curls.

If possible, try to keep spaces between each twist around the barrel. This will give you a larger wave.

Try to hold your ends closely to barrel. Be careful not to burn your fingers! I don't have a heat glove, so I  used my nails to hold the ends in place.

After you create the wave, slightly tug/pull at the ends to soften out the wave. Set the style by using your favorite hairspray.

Finished Look:
Celebrating my 5 year anniversary! Friends took us out to eat at Scarpetta in the Fontainebleau

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.


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