Wednesday, November 24, 2010

أميرة عربيّة

The Arabic Makeup style is all about the eyes. Make sure you line the eyes in an exaggerated way and use vibrant eyeshadow colors that will stand out. The brows are also dramatized and filled in to appear fuller.It also helps if you have a model of Arabic descent :) This is clearly an extravagant look, but you can make it wearable by using less eyeliner and less glitter and obviously don't go out with dots all over your forehead.  :)

This makeup was done using airbrush and also pigments. The list of products used is too long to post, but if you want it, then just email me or comment.

This look will be divided into several posts due to the large amount of pictures. Enjoy :)
~~~~~~Arabian Princess~~~~~
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I had forgotten to add the before picture:



  1. wow this makeup is awesome!!!!!! you have to put the steps n how to put the makeup

  2. Thanks, maybe later i will put up instructions. I just have to find the time to sit down and write it all down.

  3. Negra- sisMarch 02, 2010

    oh WOW this looks great! you did such a good job im so happy that the pics came out AWESOME! wooow you got talent sister<3

  4. Please send Nathalie this post!!

  5. This is still my favorite makeup look. Una Belleza!