Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Egyptian Inspired Makeup Look

Egyptian Royalty Inspired Makeup

Time for another Photo shoot where I let my creativity and imagination take control and come up with a more dramatic style makeup look. This time we "travel" to Egypt.

Here we have my assistant Eleni. I wanted to make her look completely different and I was inspired by Egyptian style makeup to create this amazing transformation. I took the pictures without flash, using low yellow lights to create a warm, mystical effect. Scroll down for more information, tips and ideas that you can use to recreate this look.
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Here is the Before:

And after the transformation:


Slideshow with lots more pictures:

Tips and tricks:

As you can clearly see Eleni is naturally pale so I darkened her skin tone about 4 shades for this look. Egyptians were known to be tanned and I wanted to make her look tanner and also give her that golden glow to her skin.

Tips on fake tanning with foundation:
  • In this case I used a foundation palette that had shades ranging from 3 to about 6 shades darker than her skin tone. I used the different colors to contour and highlight the face so that the tan looked more realistic.
  • If you want to try this at home I would recommend you make sure to buy a darker cream foundation that is not too orange. Make sure you blend it well into the hairline and apply it to your ears, neck and décolletage.
Tips on body Makeup:
  • To tan her body I blended an inexpensive dark Liquid Bronzer with lotion and applied it all over her arms and her back. This gives the skin that coveted golden glow.
  •  (You can also use this tip to make your legs look tanned and amazing.)
  • I also used Benefit's Bathina to add shimmer to certain areas I wanted to highlight.
Tips on applying glitter as eyeshadow:
  • To achieve the super glitter look on the eyelids apply a gold cream eyeshadow (I used the gold shade in the Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color palette of creams) all over your lid. Then apply a darker cream eyeshadow on the crease, creating a v shape at the end. Then apply your favorite gold glitter on top of the gold base (I used the Make Up Forever Diamond Powder in Gold) and a darker coppery one on the crease (I used the Make Up Forever Diamond Powder in Smoky.)
  • Applying a cream eyeshadow under the glitter helps it adhere to your skin and it will make it last longer.
This is the makeup I used to create this look:
A lot of makeup for one look right?

I hope you enjoyed looking at all the pictures and I urge you to try this look at home. You can easily make this more wearable by using eyeshadow instead of glitter and applying a natural lipstick.



  1. I had an awesome time creating this photoshoot with you. Thank you for the transformation! I felt we traveled back in time. Thank you again for making me feel so beautiful !! Too bad we can't always dress and look like that on a daily bases. Lol

  2. Just finished seeing the slide show pictures, this look is amazing!!! Eleni you look gorgeous. Jaday the pictures are amazing!