Thursday, November 11, 2010

Review- LORAC Box Office Sensation

Time for another review!
A lot of you have emailed me telling me you love the product reviews, because they help you decide what makeup to buy. As a treat for you, there are a few product reviews coming up on the blog, but today I will be reviewing the LORAC Box Office Sensation.

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The "Box" includes 36 eyeshadows, 9 lip glosses, and 4 blushes. All for the price of $56! Sounds good right? Well, don't run off to buy it before reading my review, because I ended up returning it.

I purchased this palette for my personal makeup kit, not my Pro kit. I wanted it for day to day use, nothing major. Unfortunately the eyeshadows were very sheer and had little color payoff, in fact I prefer my NYX eyeshadows to these any day. Believe me when I say that I tried really hard to like this makeup. I tried all types of application techniques and brushes, but overall it took so much effort to get the look I desired, that I just became frustrated. I like eyeshadows that I can work with and blend easily and that I don't have to apply over and over again to get a nice intensity, and these just did not make the cut.

 The box seems huge in the picture, but in reality it is a small box of tiny eyeshadows. Basically, the pretty packaging may fool you into purchasing this, but in my humble opinion, the quality of the product is not the greatest. I do recommend this for those of you that are beginners and starting to apply makeup, because since the colors are more on the sheer side, they make it easier to learn and you will not make as many mistakes. This Box would also be perfect for my more mature readers, since they usually prefer a sheer and natural look.

If you want to try this product for yourself, go to a Sephora store near you. Remember that my reviews are simply my personal opinions on the products and I don't want to discourage you in any way from trying them for yourself. We all have different makeup needs and what may work for me, may not necessarily work for you and vice versa.



  1. Wow and here I thought this would be a good thing to buy, but if you didnt like it, then I'm sure its bad.

  2. Hi Jaday,

    Thanks for the review. This box caught my eye while I was surfing through I love high intensity eye shadows , good thing I didn't buy it.

    Love your blog

  3. @Sandra and Allison
    Yes, this goes to show you, Dont be fooled by a pretty package :)