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Hair Care Tips: Blow Drying

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Here are a few hair drying tips I've learned from my mom, grandma, hair stylist, and beauty articles. These simple tips make a big difference! So ladies it's time to take care of your mane.

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Brush it Out!
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Tip #1 Before drying, detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb. When your hair is wet, it is more susceptible to breakage, especially when you have highlights. A wide tooth comb is perfect to clear your hair of any knots before drying.


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Tip #2 Make sure your blow dryer has a nozzle. The nozzle protects the hair from excessive heat penetration. It also helps you control where you are styling; it's a perfect tool to fight frizz.


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Tip #3 Always use a heat protective spray/serum. The one I use is TRESemme heat tamer protective spray. I love the scent and like that it doesn't leave my hair stiff like other spray tamers do.

Boar's Head
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Tips #4 Use a 100% boar's bristle brush. The bristles help create body, shine, and volume to the hair. Even though ceramic/Ion brushes dry hair faster, they get too hot and damage the hair causing split ends from excess heat.

Keep it Moving

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Tip #5 Your locks are very sensitive that's why it's important to keep the blow dryer constantly moving. DO NOT keep the dryer fix on one spot. To understand how sensitive your hair is, blow dry the inner part of your elbow. This is a great way to test if your blow dryer is too hot. 

Stay tuned... more blog posts on Hair Care coming soon!

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