Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Journey with WEN: Wen Haircare Line Review

I've been on the quest in getting healthy hair for the past 2 years. And WEN was just what the doctor ordered lol. Below you will find pictures that I've taken the past 3 months.

Before After Pictures:
These pictures are Day 1 of using Wen and  3 months after using Wen 

My Journey with The Wen Haircare Line.....
3 Weeks After Photos

I started first using the Sweet Almond Mint cleansing conditioner. It smelled delicious and I really enjoyed washing my hair. It felt like a spa with the minty fresh feeling it left on my scalp. I really noticed the difference in my hair when I used the re-moist hydrating mask. I applied this after washing my hair and left it on for a few hours. After washing it with the cleansing conditioner, I noticed my hair hydrated, manageable, and super easy to blow-dry!

Cleansing Conditioner How-To

Re-Moist Hydrating Mask How-To

2.5 Months After Photos

In Chaz's website I saw he sold hair, body, and bath Oils. I read great reviews about the product, so on I purchased the Tea Tree Eucalyptus treatment oil. I have sensitive/dry scalp and the ingredients are perfect for my needs. I brushed out my curly hair and applied 4 pumps of the oil throughout my scalp and rubbed it in my hair. It absorbed well in my hair and left it very soft and shiny. I left the product on for 5 hours before washing. I also use the product after showering all over my skin. Its great for shiny sexy legs! The only con I have is the smell, tea tree has a strong scent.

This treatment contains: Rosemary Leaf, Argan Oil, Abyssinan Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Olive fruit, and Tea Tree Leaf.

Bath, Body & Hair Oil How-To

Here are my after pictures from using the Tea Tree Eucalyptus Treatment  Oil

3 Months After Photos
I have been using the tea tree and the fig cleansing conditioner for the past 2 months. I mix the two products in my hair. The tea tree is perfect for my scalp and the fig adds moisture to my locks.

I blow-dried my hair with a medium sized boar's head brush. I added a dime size drop of the tea tree oil treatment and pined-up my hair in 5 sections. This allowed my hair to cool and gave it awesome flips and volume.

Pining-up your hair with bobby-pins while you get ready is a great way to add texture to your hair without hot tools! 

So the question I've been getting is: What difference do you see in your hair? 
  • I use to loose a ball a hair (size of a base ball) when I would use regular shampoo and conditioner now I only loose a quarter size! Incredible
  • I feel it thicker, in a good way (healthy)
  • From the first wash, it brought my natural wavy texture back. From all the chemicals processes I've put my hair through (dyes, highlights, and straighteners), my hair couldn't hold a curl or a wave. It would just poof up or frizz. Now I can curl my hair again.
  • Normally I have to cut my hair every 6 weeks because my ends get really dry.
  • I use less products in my hair. All I use is 2 pumps of the cleansing conditioner as a leave in treatment.  
  •  I get salon styled hair at home
Final Thoughts
Would I recommend this product? Yes, but unfortunately not everyone can afford this expensive hair regimen nor people have the patience to follow the instructions to T.  Two 16oz bottles of the cleansing conditioner only gave me 13 washes. Remember everyone hair lengths and amounts are different, so you might use more or less than me. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. 

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