Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Modern 60's Inspired Makeup

I haven't done a makeup tutorial in a while, it's been too long. I have a toddler running around the house, which leaves me with very little time to write. May I add, my daughter who is only 16 months, is already showing interest in makeup. She loves to use my brushes to give makeovers to anyone willing! It's too cute. I've had this makeup look saved on my computer, for a couple of months now, and today I am finally writing a tutorial. Keep reading for a tutorial.

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 This is a 60's inspired makeup look that can be worn without looking like you stepped off a time machine. I added a bright pink lip to give it a more modern and fun feel.

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This look is very easy and fast, all you need is some precision and a steady hand. You can make it more or less dramatic, to your taste.
1. Using your favorite black pencil liner, line you upper lash line and extend it at the end.
2. With the same line create a V shape on the crease using light strokes.
3. Use a small crease brush to blend out the liner, making it look smoked out. Make sure to keep the V shape at the end.
4. Apply a matte Beige eyeshadow to the rest of the lid, blending it to the black liner.
5. Apply a Brown eyeshadow to the crease, this will help blend everything together so that it does not look so harsh.
6. Apply a white eyeliner to the waterline ( I used NYX Milk.)
7. Time to put on a lot of mascara, at least 3 coats so that the lashes look very thick. Don't be afraid to clump them up a little.
8. As for your skin, keep it matte, and don't go crazy with the Bronzer. 
9. Apply your favorite bright lipstick and go have fun! 
10. Prepare yourself for all the compliments you will get on your cool makeup!

I will be posting another 60's inspired tutorial very soon! Stay tuned. 

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